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  • CV3600

  • Product name:CV3600
  • Specifications:14MMx14MM QFP-128  90PCS/disk
  • Product remarks:Scaler chip with ADC/HDMI TX
  • Product category:Audio and video scaler chip

Product description

CV3600 is a highly integrated chip that supports the conversion of digital and analog audio and video signals
CV3600 has built-in 10bit video ADC and audio ADC, 10bit video DAC, PLL, high-definition enhanced Scaler, TVEncoder, HDMI/DVI TX, OSD, 64M memory and other functional modules, providing all key functions required for image capture, high-quality zoom and zoom engine, motion adaptive processing, interlaced line-by-line mutual processing and real-time control output
CV3600 is widely used in industrial display, vehicle security, education and training, game signal processing, consumer signal conversion and other fields
We provide customers with accurate hardware schematic diagram and PCB reference, software source code reference and technical support, and can quickly design high-quality solutions and products with excellent cost performance

Video input format
● Analog RGB/YPBPR
● 8B BT656
● 8B/16B BT1120
● 8B/16B YC
● 24B RGB
● 24B YUV
● Support standard and high-definition, interlaced and progressive scanning, with working bandwidth up to 165Mhz
● Automatic mode detection

Intelligent image processing
● Black and white level expansion
● Skin tone correction
● Horizontal peak
● Digital brightness transient improvement
● Digital chroma transient improvement
● ACE (adaptive color and contrast enhancement)
● Brightness, contrast, saturation and tone adjustment
● Vertical flip/horizontal mirror
● The picture is frozen

Deinterlacing module
● Edge correction and motion adaptive SDTV (NTSC/PAL)
● HDTV (1080i) de-interlacing
● The movie mode supports 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down
● Advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction for suppressing cross colors

Zoom module
● Fully programmable scaling
● Independent horizontal/vertical scaling
● Advanced zoom algorithm provides high image quality

Built-in OSD controller
● Built-in RAM for high-quality programmable OSD
● 1, 2 and 4 character units per pixel
● Programmable character unit size
● Horizontal and vertical extension of OSD
● Blinking, transparency and mixing

Audio input
● Analog left and right channels
● 24-bit audio ADC
● Digital audio I2S

Output format
● BT.656/BT.1120/YC16bit/24B RGB/YUV
● Support standard definition and high-definition, working bandwidth up to 165Mhz
● Composite video (cvbs and s-video)

Analog video encoder
● 10-bit DAC
● CVBS and S-Video
● Ypbpr (SOY) and RGB

HDMI sending module
● HDMI 1.3/DVI1.0

Embedded frame cache memory
FRC (frame rate converter)

Electrical characteristics and packaging
● 1.8V/3.3V power supply
● 128Pin LQFP package