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  • CV2880

  • Product name:Full digital to full analog - CV2880
  • Specifications:12MMx12MM QFP-80  119 PCS/disk
  • Product remarks:2K video conversion IC supporting 5 megapixel
  • Product category:Original IC

Product description

Perfect IC-CV2880 from full digital to full analog+digital

CV2880 was officially launched in 2014. It is a SOC single chip with extremely high image quality and super performance, which is used in the field of professional photography and high-end graphics display. It supports the majority of digital/analog signal input and output in the market at present. It has a built-in scaler and memory, small size, low power consumption, and is suitable for security monitoring, video booth, industrial camera, high-end video conversion and other professional applications

The basic specifications of CV2880 are as follows:

Input digital signal format
● Up to 5 megapixel (2596x1944) CMOS sensor bayer format data (RAW Data) input
● 8 Bits BT656/BT601
● 8 Bits/16Bits BT1120
● 8 Bits/16Bits YC422
● 24 Bits RGB888 /YUV444
● 16/24/32 Bits TTL
● Support standard or high-definition digital input
● Support interlaced scanning or progressive scanning signal input
● Maximum input frequency is up to 165Mhz
● Support automatic detection of input mode

Output digital signal format
● 8Bits BT.656/BT.601
● 8Bits /16 Bits BT.1120
● 16Bits YC422
● 24Bits RGB444/YUV444
● 16/24/32Bits TTL
● Support standard and high-definition
● Maximum clock up to 165Mhz

Output analog signal format
● Integrated three-way 10 bits DACs
● Support 1-channel CVBS and 1-channel S-Video output
● Support simultaneous 3-channel CVBS output
● Support VGA output&maximum 1920x1080@60 perhaps 2560x1440@30
● Support YPBPR (SOY) output&up to 1080P60

Intelligent image processing
● Support black and white level expansion
● Flesh Tone Correction
● Horizontal peaking
● Instantaneous improvement of dynamic brightness signal
● Instantaneous improvement of dynamic chromaticity signal
● ACE (adaptive color and contrast enhancement)
● Brightness, contrast, saturation, tone adjustment
● Gamma correction
● Support automatic exposure (AE), automatic focus (AF) and automatic white balance (AWB) processing
● Image vertical and horizontal mirror function
● Image display freeze function
● Same screen comparison, multi-screen segmentation function
● A large number of customized functions applicable to industrial level

De-interlacing from interlaced to interlaced
● Support angle detection of standard definition (NTSC/PAL) and high-definition (HDTV 1080I) input and motion adaptive interlaced to progressive
● The movie mode supports 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down
● Adaptive 2D and 3D noise reduction technology to reduce crosstalk

● Fully programmable scaling factor
● Independent horizontal and vertical scaling
● Three lineBuffers and advanced zoom technology bring high quality images, providing 30% higher image quality than similar ICs

OSD module
● Embedded storage provides high-quality programmable menus
● 1,2 and 4-bit per pixel character cells
● Character size can be programmed
● Menu horizontal and vertical stretching technology
● Menu flashing technology
● Menu overlay with adjustable transparency
● Full screen 8 groups of crosshairs and support moving by pixel
● Support customized 16x16 dot matrix font library

Embedded DDR storage and control module
FRC (frame rate conversion) function, supporting any endless frame rate conversion
Two sets of slave I2C interfaces

Electrical characteristics
● 1.8V/3.3V power supply, average power consumption is about 260MA
● Built-in ESD/TVS anti-8000V, four times higher than similar IC
● Can work continuously at - 40 ° to 110 ° working environment
● 80PIN QFP package, 0.5PIN spacing
● Size 12x12 mm

CV2880 has been making steady progress since its launch. It is an IC that exceeds customers' expectations. It is a perfect product in the field of video conversion. Shenzhen Core Video and Audio Technology has launched a series of high-quality solutions around CV2880. Most of the solutions provide free technical data such as the schematic diagram, PCB, BOM, and so on. For customers with R&D capabilities, free software technical support is provided. Welcome to request information and consult and communicate