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  • CV060

  • Product name:CV060
  • Specifications:6.5MMx6.5MM TSSOP-20  74PCS/pipe
  • Product remarks:ARM0 core
  • Product category:MCU

Product description

● ARM® Cortex®-M0+kernel,Up to 24MHz
● A 24-bit system timer
● Support low-power sleep mode
● Built-in three-channel single-cycle 32-bit hardware multiplier

● 2K/64K bytes of embedded Flash with erasure protection function
● 4K bytes SRAM

Clock and power supply
● 4-channel optional clock source
-External 4MHz~24MHz high-speed crystal oscillator
-External 32.768KHz crystal oscillator
-Internal 4MHz~24MHz high-speed clock
-Internal low-speed 38.4KHz/32.768KHz clock
-Support hardware clock monitoring
● Power management
-Two low-power operation modes: Sleep and Deep Sleep Mode
-Low voltage detection, configurable to interrupt or reset

● Nested vector interrupt controller (NVIC) is used to control 32 interrupt sources, and each interrupt source can be set to 4 priorities
● Support serial debugging (SWD) with 2 observation points/4 breakpoints

Universal I/O pin
● 16 I/Os in 20-Pin package

Communication interface
● UART0-UART1 standard communication interface
● Ultra low power UART supporting low speed clock
● SPI standard communication interface, up to 8Mbps
● I2C standard communication interface, the main mode can support up to 1Mbps, and the slave mode can support up to 800Kbps
● One-Wire communication interface

Buzzer frequency generator
● It can generate a beep signal of 1KHz, 2KHz and 4KHz

● 1x16-bit advanced control timer: with 4-channel PWM output/input capture, supporting 3-channel complementary output, and dead zone generation and emergency stop functions
● 1x16-bit universal timer, supporting 4-channel comparison output/input capture

PWM output
● 1x16-bit programmable timer array, supporting 5-channel input capture/comparison

Output, PWM output
● 2x16/32 bit base timer/counter
● 1x16-bit low-power timer
● Automatic wake-up timer
● System window watchdog and independent watchdog timer

● Support RTC counting (second/minute/hour) and perpetual calendar function (day/month/year)
● Support alarm function register (s/min/h/day/month/year)
● Support RTC to wake up the system from Deep Sleep mode

● 7-channel 12-bit 1Msps sampling rate, 12-bit SAR ADC

Voltage comparator (VC)/low voltage detector (LVD)
Hardware CRC-16 module

Working conditions
● Wide voltage working range 2.5V to 5.5V
● Wide working frequency up to 24MHz
● Operating temperature: - 40 ° C to+85 ° C

16-byte chip unique ID (UID)

Development tools
● Full-functional embedded debugging solution
● In-system programming (ISP programming) scheme

Packaging form: TSSOP20, QFN20